torsdag den 11. juli 2013

Healthy living

Recently I decided to start living healthy. That means no bad sugar, no coca cola, no fast food, no processed meat, no alcohol. Now see I don’t believe you have to avoid these things 100% for the rest of your life but I will try my best. I have lost weight and I recently started running once or twice a week to get even healthier. I must say I love the results on my body! I do feel happier also because I’m proud that I can keep my body healthy. Because it does take a lot to keep saying no to all the candy, drinks and greasy foods.

An example on how I stay healthy throughout a day could be:

Start the day with a cup of coffee.

Go running for 30 minutes.

Eats breakfast: 1 orange and a bowl of yoghurt with oatmeal and blueberries on.

Lunch: 1 fiber biscuits with cheese low in fat and ham on and some vegetables beside.

Snack: Green tea or a piece of fruit.

Dinner: salmon pie with spinach and cottage cheese (my favorite!!).  

Snack: Green tea.

The trick is to stay motivated. Convince yourself that this lifestyle is going to make you happy in any way. Who doesn’t want that for themselves? It makes you happy because you clean your body for all the toxic food you would normally poison it with. Diet has A LOT to say when it comes to not only physical but mental well-being. You will be happy about how your body looks in the mirror if you keep eating controlled portions and keep exercising. You will be happy that you get self-esteem from showing yourself you can do what you want to do and you are able to take a choice and stick with it!
Now I am not a professional dietitian but I can definitely talk from personal experience and I promise you it will pay off in at least one of the ways that I just mentioned above. 

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